English poetry reading

I tried my hand at reading three new poems, that I’ve written over the last year, at The English Bookshop in Gothenburg last Friday evening. My teacher Linda Ghaderi at Linneaus University invited her students and others to open mike night. Also reading some poems, besides Linda Ghaderi and myself, was poet Tom Madeley. I’m publishing one of the poems here. Enjoy!


This is how much space I take up in this world

On the outside: 178 centimetres

Overweight in any kind of units

Hair’s a mess, can’t seem to make an appointment

Let’s not mention the scars.


I can’t grasp my voice. Still I’m singing

As if my life hung in the balance

With the gravitas of some untold hymn

The cathedral reverberates with my croaks.


This is how much space I take up in this world

I have three weekly sessions

Apart from that, I am trying

For another version of my best.

Finding my footing

Searching for laurels to rest on

In these uncomfortable times.


This is how much space I take up in this world

I’m forty-seven years old

Trying out oestrogen patches

Too late to regret

Not having kids.

Instead I grow coarse black hairs

On my shins

Where there used to be

Few, light, far-between downs

Easy to remove.



This is how much space I take up in this world

I have the humongous boobs of my forebears

They sure suited my grandma better

I accepted them on my mother, too

Though I always thought they should get better bras.

Now my breasts weigh me down

With the gravitas of unwanted glances

Of how do I look in this dress/shirt/blouse

Do I look like I’m begging for it

‘Cause I’m sure as hell not

Just trying to get home in peace/in one piece

To the place where I feel close to safe

Where I might lock the door behind me

And offend noone.

Författare: cathrinsbokskap

Här kommer jag att skriva om mitt skrivande, om böcker jag läser och arbetet med att ge ut min diktsamling. Min sida på poeter.se: https://www.poeter.se/Medlem?author_id=47528


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